Thursday, February 23, 2012

My life in song and pictures 2

Lent was a pretty boring title for this series so this is longer but says more.
This song from 1963 marked the start of my life-long love of the Beatles.


Furtheron said...

The Beatles - always reminds me of home, the front room, Mum's old big stereogram thing and this and Manfred Man, Procul Harem etc. as I moved through the 60s... I was born in 62.

I remember them playing Hey Jude on TOTP - must have been one of the last things they did I suppose. Before I'd turned 10 they'd gone, then so had Hendrix and I'd heard him on Lulu's show and gone - WHAT ON EARTH IS THAT! I wanna do that! Never really did though - he was a one off

BanksyBoy said...

The very first record I ever owned!


Liz said...

Hendrix was definitely unique, furtheron.

Happy memories, Peter.

Leslie: said...

Takes me right back to high school.