Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lent 1

Over on Facebook Mauigirl asked what were people's best ever films and that inspired my choice of a Lenten theme. One year, maybe last year, I was grateful for something each day of Lent; this year I'm going to pick songs and films that have contributed to my life in some way. They're not necessarily the best and don't always have a particular deep meaning for me; I may just like something I hear on that day. Forty or forty-two, or however many days it is, is quite a lot after all. I will be grateful for each and every one of my choices though because they'll have added to my enjoyment of this wonderful life - which should be a cue or a clue but isn't.

No, my first choice is the film I nominated in response to Mauigirl's question. It was the first film that came into my mind and though it's not a major award-winning epic I remember leaving the cinema after seeing it saying, 'That was the best thing since sliced bread.'

Dead Poets Society (1989), starring Robin Williams

Some time afterwards Husband bought me the video but I've never watched it. I wanted to keep the awe of seeing it for the first time. There are films you can watch again and again but this one was so special I feared it would be less so if I saw it again. Having now watched the trailer I think I'm going to dig it out and enjoy afresh.


NitWit1 said...

I loved Dead Poety Society. I saw it too.

We are remodelling so haven't been home lately, although I posted yesterday.

Leslie: said...

It IS an amazing film and I have a copy of it, too. You've got me thinking about watching it again. Great idea for Lent.

Ole Phat Stu said...

I'm giving up Christiamity for Lent.

Be back in time for the Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies ;-)

Steve Hayes said...

If you haven't seen it yet, I recommend "Ostrov" (The Island). Very good for Lent.

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