Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cake, misbehaviour and gratitude

I'm trying out a new cake for Zac's tonight: Diane's apple cake. You noticed a bit missing? Well, Husband wanted some and I had to test it too.

It passed.

Sean's back from America tonight. I am going to tell him, too, that they've all been naughty while he was away. It was just as Lisa said, 'It's like when you get a supply teacher in school and you push her as far as you can.'

It gets very rowdy and silly when I'm leading it - nothing to do with me you understand! I am a model of decorum and good sense. Obviously.

Tonight will see the unveiling of the Zac's psalm of gratitude. Sean left us with the idea of writing a psalm similar to number 136 so I took my flipchart in last week and everyone contributed. When it's been premièred I'll publish it on my long bits blog but for now I'd better get back to cleaning ...

The psalm is here now.

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