Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Greaseproof paper is one of life's mysteries

I don't understand greaseproof paper. It doesn't let grease through, I guess, but you grease it anyway when you make a cake. And sometimes you flour it as well. It's one of life's mysteries to me. Like telephones.

Okay, maybe I can just get the principle that sound waves can travel down a wire but how on earth can they shoot up into space and then find the right mobile phone, which may be on the other side of the world?

And don't get me started on the internet. Or Google. Or television. Or George.


Suburbia said...

Baking parchments much better! Don't have to grease or flour that.


katney said...

George is probably the most complicated of those.

Liz said...

I have some parchment, suburbia, but I treat like gold dust for some reason!

You're undoubtedly right, katney.

Leslie: said...

Well, I know how to turn on the TV and the Internet, but have no idea how they work...I just pray they work when I want them to. :D