Sunday, May 29, 2011

Am I missing a bit?

Just about every time I've done a jigsaw there come moments when I cannot place a piece and I am convinced that the piece doesn't belong to the jigsaw (I buy my jigsaws from ebay or charity shops so it's possible). Inevitably I finally complete the jigsaw and, of course, the odd piece does belong.

Except today! Can you see those two lone pieces on the left-hand-side of the completed jigsaw?
I checked the jigsaw carefully several times, running my fingers over it as well as looking and I felt justified that, this time at least, it wasn't me!

It wasn't until I'd left the room for some time and then returned that, looking at it from a different angle, I noticed two gaps in the jigsaw - and what do you know? The two left-over pieces fitted perfectly.


nick said...

How could you have failed to notice that they were both essential parts of Marilyn Monroe's left thigh?

katney said...

We haven't done a big jigsaw for a coon's age. Could be because we had a kid that ate the pieces. Since our youngest is 30...

Maybe I need to clear a table and dig in and find the jigsaws.

Liz said...

Folish of me, nick!

I started again a few years ago, katney. Trouble is, it's very addictive. "I'll just do one more piece ..."

Neil said...

I am glad you finally realised King Kong was incomplete. Poor monkey