Monday, May 30, 2011

Come on, Swansea!

An interesting weekend.

Saturday selling bric-a-brac at an indoors garden party in a day centre for the elderly; Sunday morning prison; Monday morning a failed attempt to go to an art exhibition - couldn't find a way in - or it had closed ; Monday afternoon very tempted to go to the pub and become a football fan for a few hours.

Swansea City play Reading at Wembley this afternoon to decide which team will go up to the Premiership (top league in England and Wales and probably the world!) next season. Much of Swansea is draped in the team's colours of black and white and the city centre is dead. Apparently 40,000 fans have travelled up to Wembley and the rest will be watching it on television. But not us, at least not at home, as it's on Sky and we don't have Sky.

I've never been to a football match in my life - except when the Sons played - but I've been infected by the fever and will either persuade Husband to accompany me to the pub or I will embarrass Younger Son and tag along with him. I'm hoping Husband will relent as he will be more willing to explain to me what's going on.

If Swansea go up it will mean that teams like Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool will come and play in our Liberty Stadium (I say our because it's used for the rugby as well); it also means that the club will get a £90,000,000 investment!

Way back when, before there was a premier league, when it was just league 1,2, 3 and 4, I recall, when John Toshack was manager, Swansea being in the first division and, briefly, probably just for one week, being top of that division. Since then the club has sunk down to the depths, come close to bankruptcy, and clawed its way back up to be in this position today.

So yes I think I must go and support them, and I hope I'm more successful at seeing the game than I was the art exhibition.

Although, on the plus side, it was easy to park at the exhibition.

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katney said...

We call it soccer, as here, our football is even more imcomprehensible. I understand it on Benjie's level. Grandson Benjie is now 3½. Watching three year olds play is very interesting.

We went by Wembley every day we were in London as the hotel we stayed at was way out past it.