Monday, April 25, 2011

How we spent Easter Monday

Having cleaned the kitchen floor, washed the sofa covers and been to Sainsburys, Georgeous and I decided to relax in the afternoon Easter sunshine.

A word of advice to dieters: don't go to Sainsburys on Easter Monday if you're being weighed the next day. I was quite good and only bought a half-price Cadburys Easter bunny; Husband stood for ages doing calculations then bought the largest - but best value for money - egg, which happened to contain Bailey's Truffles. Thus saving money?


CherryPie said...

That looks like a perfect way to spend the afternoon :-)

I spent mine struggling with computer network connections!

Furtheron said...

Mrs F noticed the Baileys ones... but we'd already treated ourselves to Chunky Kit Kat ones :-)

Had a good Easter break doing family stuff which was nice... I'll have to blog about it

elleeseymour said...

We bought our son a Baileys egg before Easter. Let's hope the good weather lasts for this weekend so we can chill out again.

nick said...

Apparently the egg-makers are finally cutting down on the absurd amount of packaging they put on the eggs - mainly designed to fool us we're getting an egg twice as big as it really is.