Friday, April 29, 2011

Zac's Beatitudes

Last week Sean asked if I'd be in Zac's this week as he was away and wanted Martin, Steve and me to lead the study. So this last Tuesday I turned up bright and early to discuss with the other two what we were doing but when I got there they weren't there.

Time passed and eventually Martin arrived; he didn't know anything about leading it. And Steve just wasn't there.

Steve did turn up about halfway through the evening and he also denied knowing anything about leading it. Either Sean forgot to mention it to them or they're both lying.

Neither would surprise me ...

As it happens it went fine. A few of the ... um ... more vocal regulars were absent so there was a bit more space and opportunity for others to participate and it was a lively discussion.

As it was a reflection on the study we've just finished on the beatitudes we wrote our own Zac's Place beatitudes.

Blessed are the tea-makers for they serve the unseen Christ.
Blessed are the soup-makers for their heavenly bowl will be filled.
Blessed are the artists for they see through the eyes of God.
Blessed are the bikers who stand up for my name for they shall be called God’s Squad.
Blessed are those who empty the bins for they will be washed clean.
Blessed are those who truly search for they shall be found.
Blessed are those question and doubt yet still hang on for on such is the kingdom of God built.

Blessed is the end as a new chapter is beginning.
Blessed are those who listen to God for they shall hear.
Blessed are those who encourage not criticise.
Blessed are those who wash your feet.
Blessed are those who come last for they shall come first.
Blessed are the bridge-builders.
Blessed are those who long for the kingdom of God.

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