Monday, April 25, 2011

My metamorphosis is almost complete

I think I am either in the process of or should be metamorphosing.

I've been getting light-headed when I stand up. Husband says it's my low blood pressure not taking enough to my brain. And we've seen from Mother-in-law what lack of oxygen does to the brain. Therefore I need to spend more time upside down.

'Like a bat?' Husband asks.
'More of a sloth I think. I could do sloth well given the chance.'

Although it's one of the seven deadly sins and insulting if you accuse someone of it, slothfulness is a much undervalued quality in my opinion.

Once I've cleaned the kitchen floor, washed the sofa covers, been to Sainsburys and changed the bed, I shall practise it. If there's time.

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Ole Phat Stu said...

Liz, are you drinking enough water (2-3 liters/day) ?

Because if you don't, the blood thickens and thus has problems flowing. The latter may mean that it can't get through the capillaries in the brain, leaving you dizzy regardless of BP.

A low BP acerbates the problem of course.

In general, us older folks tend to drink too little (to save us waddling to the loo too often?). Drinking a pint of water will often then turn those mental lights back on :-)

Look after yourself . . .