Sunday, September 12, 2010

Simply divine

Red Cafe is primarily a youth project run by Linden Church and we do a lot of stuff in the cafe and in schools promoting fairtrade goodies. We were recently nominated for Divine Retailer of the Month. (Divine is a brand of fairtrade chocolate.)

We didn't win but as runner-up prize they sent us 50 boxes of bags of golden coins (chocolate). With 20 bags in each box each one retailing at £3, someone worked out this meant we had £3,000 worth of chocolate.

Then the flaw was spotted: they had a best-before date of the end of September.

Even with a greatly-reduced price there was no hope of us selling that many that quickly so, this morning in church, it was suggested that taking a box and selling to workmates for whatever we could get - maybe 50p a bag? - would be better than nothing.

What a great idea, I thought. Then I remembered I work alone in the office ...

Then I had an even better idea: I'll take a box to my slimming class! After all it is a bargain and it's in a good cause and what do you mean you think it wouldn't go down very well?

I think they'd go down exceptionally well.

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