Sunday, September 12, 2010

Forget what I said before about husbands

It's not just dieting they know nothing about; it's the female psyche.

We had a phone call last night saying Mother-in-law was in hospital again with chest pains. They were waiting for the doctor to do his rounds when we phoned this morning so Husband decided he'd better travel up to Derby.

Before I left for church he was putting some things in a bag in case he needed to stay and I said, 'Take the apple and blackberry crumble with you.'
'All of it? Do you want me to leave you some?'
'No, take it all.'

Now you all know what I meant by that, don't you? 'I want to appear generous and diet-concerned but really I want you to leave me a bowlful for later.'

I have searched everywhere and have come to the conclusion that he did, indeed, take all the crumble with him.

Incidentally before he would have arrived in Derby I had a phone call from his mum, 'Just to let you know I'm home.'

I hope they all flipping enjoy my crumble ...


Steve Hayes said...

Your generosity will be rewarded in heaven.

Liz said...

I just hope God is taking note, steve!

nick said...

The part of dieting I don't understand is "No, I'd better not have any more crumble, I'm saving some space for the half a dozen chocolates"

Seeker said...

ah men..... don't you just love em?