Wednesday, May 05, 2010

And another Zac's postscript

I commented on Gerry's tan. (Gerry is our regular alcoholic rough sleeper.) He said, 'I've been to Romania.'
'Yes, Romania.'

Gerry can turn in the blink of an eye from amiable to snapping your hand off so I didn't want to sound too unbelieving, so I said, 'Oh that's nice.'
'Yes,' he said. 'I decided to romain here.'
I groaned; he grinned.

He's currently sleeping in the park and, as he gets up early and sits on a park bench, he is familiar with all the dog-walkers. Apparently he's reeled in quite a few with that line.

I mentioned Ruby in my original post. I have to say that Ruby drunk is quieter than Ruby sober and either hyper-excited or angry, which are her two normal states.

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