Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Zac's postscript

By the way I don't mean that God isn't always at Zac's because he is but sometimes he just makes his presence felt more than others.

We were reading about the high-ranking Ethiopian eunuch who was baptised and Sean explained a little about baptism and one of the rough sleepers, who'd been very quiet and attentive in spite of the surrounding kerfuffle, said, 'That's like being washed clean of your sins, innit?'

So many many times I have to rethink my ideas, readjust my thinking, learn not to judge by appearances. I am so privileged to be allowed to be part of all that is so good about Zac's. You'd be hard pressed to find a less likely looking church than us yet it's the very diversity of the people and their openness that touches and refreshes a soul fed up of niceties and masks.

If you come with an agenda you'll find credos to pick holes in but if you come with an open spirit you'll find God.


Leslie: said...

Too much of the "niceties and masks" is why I don't attend a church regularly anymore. Your Zac's sounds incredible!

Liz said...

We need some niceties and masks, leslie, but not all the time.

Anonymous said...

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