Wednesday, May 05, 2010

The voting dilemma

Election Day tomorrow.

A week or so ago, in church, we were shown a DVD in which Steve Chalke, a famous (in Christian circles) Christian social activist, interviewed the leaders of the three main parties about the church, community and social action.

They all said the 'right' things, as you would expect.

The best I could say is that at least Gordon Brown appeared to know the difference between faith and religion. Nick Clegg was scared to use either word or 'church', and stuck to community instead. And David Cameron, well, David Cameron is a 'fairly active member of the Church of England', which says it all.


Furtheron said...

Steve Chalke - now there is a name from the past. Many years ago when I was active in the local church he was very active in my local area. I met him on several occassions then...

Liz said...

Really? I didn't know you mixed with the superstars, furtheron!