Friday, June 21, 2024

Not as bad as I think

I have achieved a 250 day streak on Duolingo but Younger Son and family arrive late tonight so there'll be no Welsh for a week. I wish you could book holidays on Duolingo!

I'm currently learning words for technology. You wouldn't think there'd be that many - I didn't think there would be - but there are. Nothing is sticking in my brain and I've forgotten everything I've learned in earlier lessons. I have a real problem with past and future tenses. I have to rely on the rest of the sentence to help me i.e. is it happening tomorrow or did it happen yesterday? I'm sure I'm not as bad as I think I am. I hope I'm not.

I had a lovely walk this morning with Daughter and dogs. They have a seagull nest on their skylight and now there are babies. Here's one next to the nest.

They also have this lovely colour combination in their front garden.
* * * * *
Thank you for all the good wishes for Husband. He had his blood test this morning and the doctor said to phone this afternoon for results.

Meanwhile I have been re-hanging a door curtain in what will be the children's bedroom. Standing on the bed I could get the rail down but not back up again. Undaunted I fetched the step-ladder from the garage. The things I am doing while Husband is incapacitated!

I re-hung the curtain then thought, "Now is there anything that needs doing with a stepladder before I take it back to the garage?" I tell you, there's no stopping me!

But there wasn't. Now I'm going to sort out the understairs cupboard. I could be gone some time.

* * * * *
I remember. Austin Kleon in his weekly newsletter set this assignment for anyone who wanted to do it/think about it:
What would happen if you believed that it's not inside you trying to get out, it's outside you trying to get in?


Boud said...

That attitude of what else can I do while I've got this tool out, has led to a lot of holes being drilled around here and a frantic partner fearing the place might end up riddled. I do get carried away.

Best hopes for good medical news for husband, with or without stepladder.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Enjoy your upcoming visit with Younger Son and Family!

jabblog said...

Enjoy your family visit. Your house will feel so full.

Marie Smith said...

Enjoy this family visit!

Ann said...

Hope you enjoy your visit.