Tuesday, June 11, 2024

How high is a ceiling?

Another glorious rose.

The trouble is the blooms on this one are too heavy for the stems so they're all dangling. I need to tie them up some more. And here's one next to an orange day lily. Most of the flowers in my garden clash terribly and this was an accidental pairing.

Getting dressed this morning I asked Husband, "How high is the bedroom ceiling?"
"About 2.5 metres."
"Oh. So that plant I bought will be quite big."

I'd been thinking in feet. But that is in twenty years. I probably won't be here then to worry about it. (As in not in this house. I plan to live to be one hundred and twenty.) But I will have to think carefully about where to put my random buy.

Husband came into the study this afternoon and said, "Something's dug up one of those plants you planted yesterday."

I went to look. I suspect that rather than having been dug up I might have forgotten to plant it initially.

Incidentally while cooking I lost my oven gloves. However I did find a pair of Husband's boxers on the kitchen chair. (My oven gloves were in the study.)


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Boxers and oven gloves are SO easy to mistake for each other, it's true.

Anvilcloud said...

I still think in Imperial more than metric. I can do metric, but I have to stop and think a little more.

Cop Car said...

Despite Pres Carter's efforts, we in the USA are woefully lacking in using metric measurements - for the most part. When someone gives me meters, I think yards on the theory that errors of less than 10% are insignificant. OTOH: The conversion from kilometers to miles is simple enough so as not to tax my insignificant brain. If the application is important enough, I'll actually convert, but that happens infrequently anymore.

Debra is correct. If you've seen one piece of clothing, you've seen them all ; )