Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Continuing the math theme

Well, it seems if I want people to comment I should write about maths! So . . . over here we call it mathematics, which I assume is why we then call it maths. Do you call it mathematic?

Incidentally, apart from disliking the number seven, I don't have a favourite number. If pushed it would probably be two or five.

* * * * *

Machines hate me. At least hospital machines do. If you recall the audiologist had to call in someone to help her with my hearing test because the machine wouldn't work. It happened again yesterday when I went for my fitting. Different machine but still didn't work properly. 

This time the advice was, "Ignore it."

So I have my hearing aids! Fascinating procedure adjusting them to my hearing - without me having to say anything. All done by machine - one that was working - and displaying images of sound waves that were fiddled with appropriately. I guess. Still looked like a jumble to me. But that's why they have trained people to do these things and not me.

I wore them last night to Zac's. I could certainly hear more background noise and people were louder but still struggled to understand what the man I always struggle to hear was saying. He must talk funny! Or I could turn up the volume. 

I have two settings: one for all-round sound and one called Restaurant setting, which cuts out the noises behind so you can focus on the individual to whom you're speaking without background noise.

I won't be wearing them most of the time, just when I am in family gatherings or Zac's probably. Or when I am listening to my grandchildren making music. GrandSon3 passed his grade 1 music exam this week, with a merit. And earlier this year, his brother, GrandSon1 passed his first guitar drum exam. 

I would like to take credit for this musical gift but have to admit all this talent comes from Daughter-in-law's side. I love to sing but no-one likes to hear me!

* * * * *

A while ago I got an old bible from a charity shop and I used a few pages to make a collage with Zac's artwork. The bible has been sitting around the house ever since. I was on the verge of throwing it out when Husband suggested freecycling it. 

"Who's going to want a tatty old Welsh bible?"

Anyway I put it on the local group this morning and within half an hour I had a request for it. 

So what do I know?

* * * * *

First thing yesterday I went for a walk with Daughter and dogs. I got home and realised it was only twenty-five minutes before my appointment. I was in the bedroom at 11.11 and back in it by 11.17 having showered, dried and dressed. Fastest shower in the world, yes?

Husband has been poorly all week, a sort of fluey thing where he aches all over. He dropped me off at the hospital yesterday because it's impossible to park and I was rushing but I decided to walk back as it was a lovely morning and it's not far. 

And I got to walk through the playing fields next to this stream.


jabblog said...

Good to hear that your hearing aids are working. Is it a relief to take them off/out?

Boud said...

Interesting about your hearing aids and the effect. This is in my near future. Fitting next month. But I'm never in large groups, restaurants, etc, so I'm opting for the quieter life level.

Math is short for mathematics, just as gym is short for gymnastics. Do you say gyms?

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Glad you got your new hearing aids! In Canada, "mathematics" is shortened to "math." I guess "mathematics" is considered singular despite its spelling.

Cathy said...

Maths when I was growing up in England - maths here in Australia when my children were growing up. I think it’s still the same
Possibly a ‘Commonwealth’ thing….but then Canada says it the other way.

I’ve had my extra ears for about 5yrs now and am only just wearing them ‘properly’. Before it was hit and miss, I could hear so didn’t need them all the time. Made for fun conversations though
The audiologists all say your brain needs to learn again so they should be worn constantly.

Kathy G said...

I am not in need of hearing aids (yet), but the tidbits I'm gleaning are quite helpful.

Anvilcloud said...

I have never heard anyone say mathematic although we Canadians do say math. In response to Catchy up above, Canadians are very influenced by the elephant to the south. So, we keep the 'our' endings, 'Your Honour', but are influenced in other ways. When I am typing here in Blogger, for example, I must choose between the American or British spellcheck. I choose American but still make my own adaptations.

PipeTobacco said...

Yes….do you in GB view “mathematics” as singular or plural? In the US, “Mathematics is viewed as singular, and may perhaps be why we say “math” as the abbreviation.

I am “neutral” about “7” but I am not particularly fond of “8” or “2”. I am perhaps a bit more partial to “4” and “6” for some reason.

Are there any new things going on relating to your novel writing and/or the publishing? I always find that fascinating and exciting to hear about.

Any additional thoughts on getting a puppy or a dog?


Ann said...

My hearing aids have 3 settings. There's personal, crowd and television. I honestly don't see much difference between the personal and television settings but crowd does muffle noises. I use that one a lot at work because of all the noises in the deli/bakery area.

Abby said...

Congratulations on the new hearing aids. I suspect I will need them someday.
Yes, we say "mathematics" in the US. It's considered singular. Like "pants",
"scissors". Funny, I never considered that before.

Liz Hinds said...

I've only worn them briefly so far, Jabblog.
Boud, I hadn't thought of gymnastics. English is a weird and wonderful language.
Yes, I suppose mathematics is singular but unlike a pair of pants or scissor. Hmmm, another wormhole in which to vanish.

Ole phat Stu said...

The singular form is Maths. We say
Maths IS hard. Not Maths are hard.