Friday, April 07, 2023

Mainly ice creams

 Well,we're here. And I've worked out how to write a blog post away from home!

A long drive to Folkestone followed by a short trip under the sea and another long drive to what we've come to call our usual hotel in France. Another even longer journey the next day and we arrived at the Italian home of Younger Son and family.

Two days later we were all on the train heading for the coast for a few days in the 'did I book it or not?' apartment.

I had and it was lovely - except for the million steps. The town of Camogli, like others along that coast, is built on the side of a mountain. The council has even provided lifts for the first two tiers but we were another two up - and a couple of times the lift was broken.

Now we're back in the foothills of the Alps and I am poorly! Would you believe it? I haven't been ill for ages. Husband blames it on a snotty-nosed granddaughter; Younger Son blames it on my sea swimming. (I say swimming: it was a quick dip.)

So now I'm going to lie down and feel sorry for myself - and try not to feel guilty about not being at my best for grandchildren.

I have no idea how to get photos from my phone to my tablet and to my blog so all those pleasures await you.  It's mainly ice creams so don't get too excited.


Marie Smith said...

I hope you feel better soon so you can fully enjoy the time with family.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Glad the "did I book it?" apartment worked out okay but those stairs -- ay chihuahua! Sorry you're feeling under the weather. I hope it passes soon!

Cop Car said...

Hope your health returns to normal, quickly. That was some drive!

Boud said...

Well, that timing for being ill wasn't your best effort. I hope it passes soon. I wondered if you were in Italy when I didn't see action on your blog for a few days.

Ann said...

Hope you feel better soon

sparklingmerlot said...

Foreign germs. They get you every time. Italian ice cream should make everything better.