Saturday, November 27, 2021

The laird at Christmas

Popped into Mumbles to go to M&S Food Hall for for Husband's birthday tea tomorrow. Might have got a little carried away with goodies. Aw, well, it will get eaten at some point.

On the radio in the car I heard that someone had died when a tree fell on him. (We are currently experiencing Storm Arwen.) 

My first thought was that you would have to be a fairly slow mover to not be able to avoid a tree falling. 

My second thought was, 'Who am I trying to kid?' I'd be a like a rabbit in headlights, panicking and not knowing which way to run.

* * * * * *

While in Mumbles I returned my library books and, although I have my charity shop haul to work through, I decided to check out their selection of Christmas books. Good grief! Who knew there were so many?

Most were of the 'café/district nurse/Scottish laird at Christmas' variety but I did bring these two home with me.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

May you be far away from any falling trees!

Boud said...

Never underestimate the speed of a falling tree! I had one start to fall across the road i was driving on, stamped on the gas, barely escaped when it fell just between me and the car following. I was doing about 50mph.

There's no warning, not like the movies where there's swaying and creaking for a while.

Boud said...

This was a couple of years ago, to be clear. Arwen sounds like Sandy, several years ago, which broke over my house. Terrible noise all night like an express train

Liz Hinds said...

I do my best, Debra!

I'm sure you're right, Boud. Yes, this storm is mild by American measures I'm sure. In the Great Storm of 1987 I slept right through a tree falling across the road immediately in front of our house.

Polly said...

Those books look interesting.