Monday, August 07, 2017

Slowing down time

I really shouldn't listen to Pick of the Week on Radio 4. I inevitably end up thinking, 'Oh, I wish I'd listened to that.'

I suppose nowadays, thanks to the wonder of iplayer, I could listen but it's not quite the same. Anyway yesterday they played a clip from a programme about time or rather about one man's efforts to be late.

Poet Ian McMillan likes to arrive everywhere early. Half an hour early. Which makes him unpopular with a lot of people. After visiting a time museum and discovering that factory owners used to change time he decided to visit a therapist to see if he could be helped to arrive on time. 

I have just the opposite problem. I am invariably late. I don't mean to be and I don't want to be and I get very stressed when travelling somewhere watching the clock knowing I'm going to be late. But I don't like being early either and with all the variables involved it's almost impossible to be just on time.

Today for instance I was meeting an old school friend with whom I'd recently linked up on Facebook and I determined to be early. In the event I found myself not leaving until about twelve minutes before the meeting time and having to rush. I say 'I found myself' as if I had nothing to do with it. 'It wasn't my fault. Time just went without warning me.' Which is nonsense. 

Must try harder. Change the habits of a lifetime. 

P.S. Had very good catch-up with Vivien who has lived about five lifetimes compared to my rather boring existence.


Sharon Qualls said...

Boring isn't all that bad, now, is it? I hope you made it on time!

Ole Phat Stu said...

There is only one time-travellers' reunion, sadly I missed it ;-)

vivien y said...

The life x 5 wasn't by choice most of the time. Peaceful and quiet sounds just fine!!!! Lovely to catch up, it was as if no time had passed since the 6th form common room.

Liz Hinds said...

No, I quite like my life, Sharon. And it doesn't feel boring at all.

Ha ha, stu!

It was lovely to see you, Vivien. And, yes, I am content with my quiet life!