Monday, July 10, 2017

I went to a ceilidh and no-one would dance with me

Aberglasney house and cloister gardenOld Folks' Day Out, this time to Aberglasney, the garden that time forgot. (Just googled that phrase and apparently there are numerous gardens that time forgot. Time must be very careless.) More about that later.

In the evening there was a fund-raising ceilidh at Grandchildren's school. I love ceilidhs! But Husband wasn't feeling well so I went on my own, thinking my grandchildren would dance with me. Really I should have known better. I did manage one dance where I grabbed a small girl and made her promenade with me - until her friend turned up and she escaped. Big sigh. 

Up early for British Lions' final test match against the New Zealand All Blacks where at one game all  in the series there was everything to play for. Tense and dramatic it lived up to the hype and ended in a draw leaving Lions' supporters relieved in a slightly anti-climactic way.

Then it was off to Surrey to visit the other Grandchildren and meet the new GrandDog, Toby, who's a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, or Toller for short. Toby is delightful and very good except still a bit of a nipper!

GrandSon1's 6th birthday party in an amazing soft play centre. Spent much of the party chasing GrandSon1 and another little boy - who I hoped was an invitee and not a complete stranger - around the different levels. They quickly learned that if they crossed the wobbly bridge I wouldn't follow. It took me slightly longer to realise that if I just stood my ground they would eventually make their way back to me when I could roar and make tickling hands and they would disappear again.

Disappointing and surely unbelievable to read my FitBit at the end and discover I'd only done 3,000 steps but as Husband and Elder Son pointed out, 'Crawling doesn't count as steps.'

I am so proud of all my children and their cooking/baking abilities. GrandSon1 had two birthday cakes: the gruffalo on his birthday and superman for his party, both made by Elder Son.
And on Saturday Elder Son barbecued delicious short ribs and leg of lamb, and we returned home to pizza made by Younger Son. 


S. J. Qualls said...

Elder Son is quite talented! Gruffalo, is that something popular there or was he being whimsical? Good, either way.

Liz Hinds said...

The Gruffalo is a very popular children's book (with film, stage show and sequel spin-offs). He is talented!

nick said...

The Gruffalo cake is rather wonderful. It seems a shame to cut the first slice and destroy it!