Friday, June 23, 2017

Our date day FAIL

'Let's go for a day out on Friday!'

A couple of years ago Husband and I tried to use Fridays, my free day, as an opportunity to go places together. Sort of date days if you like. We were successful for a while but gradually life got in the way. But last weekend we determined we would try again. 

First plan: visit Aberglasney or Dyffryn Gardens. The forecast was dry but cloudy so ideal conditions for wandering around gardens.

First hiccup: Daughter asked if she could bring the children around after school on Friday to go in the pool and have tea here. 

Second plan: we'd go to Aberglasney as Dyffryn Gardens was too far away to be sure of getting back by 3.30. That's fine. I love Aberglasney.

Second hiccup: we find out GrandSon2 is taking part in school assembly on Friday afternoon. I've been to watch Granddaughter1 in her assemblies so it's only fair for me to go to his too. 

Third plan: that's okay; we can still go for a lovely walk on Gower to Blue Pool.

Third potential hiccup: the weatherman says it's going to rain but not until the afternoon.

Fourth plan: I don't care what the weatherman says. We're going in the morning so no problem. 

Fourth hiccup: except the forecast I looked at said the rain would begin at about 10.00 am. 

Fifth plan: in the car the weather is worsening so we decide to go to Ilston Valley and walk in the woods instead of the beach.

Fifth hiccup: we arrive in the car park. The rain is serious now and we're both in sandals - and unsurprisingly I don't have a coat (I hate wearing coats).

Sixth plan: We'll go home and have a piece of cake. And try again next Friday.


S. J. Qualls said...

Isn't that the way it goes? Man plans, God laughs.

Liz Hinds said...

that's true, SJ. But we did manage to get in a nice walk.

Rose said...

This is the way things always work out for me, too. I see you finally made it to Clyne Gardens, though--lovely blooms!

Liz Hinds said...

It's looking good in Clyne gardens, Rose.

And GrandSon4 did very well in his assembly in spite of feeling sick with nerves.

Nick said...

I know the feeling. Grand Plans get gradually scaled down as a result of one unexpected event or another, until you end up sitting in the garden working out the next Grand Plan. None of our Grand Plans for summer have materialised yet, but maybe next weekend...or the weekend after that....

I like the idea of date days though. Jenny and I must go on a date very soon....

Liz Hinds said...

I invented date days, Nick! We go to bed too early to go on date nights.