Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Dithering Dora

It's been so hot for the last few days. Apparently if today continues in the same vein it will be officially a heatwave - 5 days with temperatures in the 30s, although I think that's probably in London and the south east. I don't remember it being as warm as this for several uninterrupted days for ages.

It means we get to use our pool! It's been used more in the last four days than it has for the last two summers.
GrandDaughter1 is like me when I was her age: doesn't feel the cold and will stay in for ages, although in my case it was in the sea. I'd be blue and shivering and still insisting to my mum that, 'the water's lovely and I'm not cold and I don't want to come out yet.' 

GrandDaughter1's swimming has improved hugely while GrandSon2 and GrandDaughter2 resolutely refuse to go in.

GrandSon4, on the other hand, at ten months loves water in all shapes but as his parents are scuba divers it's probably in the blood. Nuora, who's Italian, has amazed herself by swimming in our pool: she never thought it would be warm enough in Wales to swim. 

They say that in hot weather you don't feel like eating so much, but I've managed to excel in my weight gain. Hey ho.

Two things I would have blogged about if it hadn't been too hot to write: dithering and ... what was the other thing? It'll come back to me. I expect.

According to the radio the average person will spend three years of his life dithering. Of course to create an average you have extremes on each side. I am definitely on the extreme ditherer side. (I can imagine your gasp of surprise as you read this.) The time I can spend choosing or deciding to do, well, anything is quite ridiculous.

Husband or some other wise person says, 'If it's not important, which most choices aren't, then just pick one and don't worry.' But it's not that easy. Or maybe it is. Life would be a lot simpler if I didn't have to make decisions, or if I didn't make such a fuss about making it.

Right, so I'll stop dithering. No, I mean I'll try to stop dithering quite so much. 

Now what am I going to do today?


S. J. Qualls said...

That pool looks so inviting. I sometimes wish we had one or that I could use one, that is. The last time I went swimming, I got so out of breath. Maybe I need a scuba tank just for the o2.

Dithering - I imagine I spend more time than most. Ha Ha.

I can eat in hot weather, when I'm sick, well, anytime it doesn't matter. :)

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Go for another swim , it's by far the best exercise you can take , says she who hasn't swum for the last thirty years ( I don't like getting wet ) .

Liz Hinds said...

I can eat any time too, SJ. I'm not a good swimmer as I don't breathe properly, even though I could. I might have to get my face wet.

The way I swim may not be regarded as exercise by purists, sonata. But I shall cling to that belief.