Tuesday, April 11, 2017

What the fashionable woman wears to walk in the woods

Walked by Clyne River for the first time for ages today. Even though it has been dry for a while I wore my new waterproof walking boots, which, incidentally, with cropped jeans and a toothpaste-smeared jumper are the very height of chic, and it proved a wise decision.

It took a lot of manoeuvring and some hastily-sent-up prayers of 'Please let this stone be stable/branch take my weight,' to get through bits of the path without falling knee deep into mud.

It was worth it though. Just a little bit of babbling brook and birdsong can soothe a troubled soul.
Walked through the new housing development next to us on the way there. Very posh. The residents might want to put gates on the path if they want to keep out undesirable dog-walkers who just want a nose around.

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