Thursday, April 06, 2017

The woman who didn't like me

Once a number of years ago I made a brief appearance on national breakfast television. (Yes, I sat on the couch and shared a make-up girl with Matthew Pinsett and Moira Stewart.) Afterwards this woman's only comment was that I had looked tired. (Admittedly Husband said I sounded like a simpleton - that's probably not politically correct - someone a lot less articulate than he believes me to be but he's allowed to say that because I know he loves me.)

Then when I graduated with a Master's degree the only thing she said was, 'What good is it? Will it benefit your career?' My answer was, 'Not a lot and no.' I should have added, 'But that's not why I did it.'

I'm good at thinking of clever retorts days/months/years later. Okay, it wasn't that clever a retort in this instance but I could have defended myself instead of crumbling.

So what do you think? Do you think she liked me?

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