Tuesday, February 28, 2017

So that was Monday

Twenty-seven people turned up in the end for champagne at uncle's apartment but I forgot to tell them about the nibbles so some had already eaten - which meant I had to force down ever such a lot. It was such an effort I tell you! A very jolly time was had by all who came from various sections of Uncle's life and all had happy and inspiring stories to tell.

And then it was the funeral. A very grey day with sleet alternating with sunshine - though not a lot. The church was full and the service was fine. Towards the end we had the tributes: one from me, one from cousin Jimmy about their growing-up, one from Anna, CEO of Fitzroy, and one from Mark on behalf of Jane and Kate about the man who'd been like a father to them. All showing different aspects of this amazing man. 

At the end as we sang the favourite rugby anthem, Bread of Heaven, the coffin was accompanied out of the church by an all-female escort. I think Uncle would have approved of that!

From there it was a skedaddling race across town to the crematorium: the service and tributes had gone on rather longer than anticipated. Father Frank didn't even have time to take his red anorak off before he raced through the committal and we were out the other side before we knew what had happened.

Then it was back to the hotel for more food - but no champagne! - before being able to go home and flop. At least until the second service next week.

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