Saturday, February 11, 2017

My uncle John

Uncle John was born on 13th December, 1925. He was my mum's little - 6'3" - brother. 
With my mum at my grandparents' golden wedding party in about 1970.
In 1978 he gave me away at my wedding to Husband.

With his dear friend, Margaret, when they were young.

And with Margaret four years ago when he drove them both to Italy for Younger Son's wedding.

At his 90th birthday pre-celebration with Anna, CEO of Fitzroy, the charity he helped start.

In 2014 he received a national award, The Mansell Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Learning Disability Sector, and was interviewed for the Guardian newspaper for which this photo was taken.

Uncle John was a loyal friend and inspirational character. He was also charming: at his 80th birthday party most of the guests were women and, indeed, women played a large part in his life: Margaret of course, in the photos above; Audrey, his wife of about 30 years; Edith, his close companion in later years before her death; and Jane, a good friend from his time in Nottingham. And many more who've phoned and kept in touch especially during his illness, and have related lovely stories to me about him.

He was a special man.

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