Thursday, January 05, 2017

'What do you mean unrecognised?'

Yesterday I took some books back to the library. It has a machine-thingy you can put books in so I did that and one of the books, a card-making book, came up as unrecognised. The machine didn't spit it back out so I just ignored it. 

I'd had the book a long time so expected a hefty fine but when I came to borrow some more books - again with a machine - it said I owed nothing. 
'Ah ah,' I said, 'it didn't identify the book so hasn't worked out yet that I owe money.'

But then this morning, in bed, I suddenly thought, 'Was it actually a library book I took back or was it one of my own books?'

Not to worry. I'll check next time I go to the library. I'm sure I can't be the first person to return a non-library book. 

In the same visit I returned Britt-Marie was Here, a follow-up to My Grandmother Sends Her regards and Apologises. I did enjoy it - and began shouting at the main character because she was about to do something I thought stupid - but My Grandmother remains top of my Frederik Backman list. Probably followed by A Man Called Ove.

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