Monday, January 09, 2017

Shredded wheat is never a good idea

It seemed like it at the time. But I'd forgotten how ... much of an effort is required for so little pleasure. Even generously covered in sugar.

It was just my attempt to start the week off on a healthy note. I'd spent the night at Uncle's again after the carer who was supposed to be doing it fell and couldn't come and the options for breakfast were SW, Rice Krispies, Alpen, porridge (or rather porage as these were Scotts' porage oats) or toast. I was tempted by the porage but suspicious because it came in sachets and could be prepared in two minutes. That and the fact that it seemed like quite a small sachet. Anyway I'll know next time.

On a sadder note we heard last evening that Great-auntie Joan (97) had just died.

Her younger brother survives her but Auntie Joan was the lynchpin of the extended family, keeping in touch with all the various branches. Without her we will be much less.

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