Saturday, November 05, 2016

oooh, aaah!

Fireworks can still be heard as I write this at 9.30. Just about acceptable as long as they don't go on after 10.00! I'm getting old and need my sleep.

As a child I loved firework night and for weeks before I would save my pocket money and buy one firework a week from Billy's newsagent on the corner. I kept them in a tin - very safety conscious you see - but took them out and admired them each week. My mum would buy a box too so on November 5th we'd have our own little display. Nothing like as big or as stunning as the fireworks you get today but just as enjoyable.

I hated bangers and jumping jacks: they terrified me! But loved rockets and especially Catherine wheels. 

A few weeks ago Daughter said, 'We were going to have fireworks and invite you around but there are ducks next door so could you host us?' And buy the fireworks and feed us beforehand obviously.

The grandchildren were, of course, much braver than I was. I was squeaking and ducking while they just laughed and a jolly time was had by all even 11-week-old GrandSon4 even though he may not remember much of his first firework night.


SmitoniusAndSonata said...

I loved sparklers .
Small Grandson seems to have made one at school . Photo showed him delightedly clutching one consisting of a wooden skewer dipped in melted chocolate and Rice Crispies .
( Not sure how Health and Safety felt about pointy stick! )

Leslie: said...

We used to have a neighbourhood fireworks evening after the children had finished trick or treating. Moms would make hot cocoa for everyone and we'd all gather around watching as the Dads took turns lighting the flames! Seems a long time ago now. This year in my new place, no one came knocking but there was sure a lot of noise later on but only until around 10, which was fine. Glad you had a fun time!

Liz Hinds said...

Yes, I'm surprised he was allowed to get away with a skewer, sonata! Ours were not as good as I remember them. Think rice crispies in chocolate sound altogether better.

They didn't go on much after 10 I'm pleased to say, leslie!

Nick said...

Here in Northern Ireland Halloween is fireworks night and Guy Fawkes is a non-starter. Creepy window displays everywhere and lots of trick-or-treaters. I also enjoyed our back-garden fireworks when I was a kid. Our Scottish terrier didn't enjoy them though!