Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Five Children and ...

five dinners.

Grandchild1 = fish fingers, beans, pasta, tomato ketchup.
Grandchild2 = fish fingers, beans.
Grandchild3 = meatballs.
Grandchild4 = pasta, tomato pasta sauce.
Grandchild5 = beans, cheese.

I told them that when I was little my granny put my dinner on the table in front of me and I had to eat it. Whatever it was. They were not impressed.

My fault. A soft touch.


SmitoniusAndSonata said...

I suppose giving each of them a big bowl of ice cream instead would be frowned on ?

nick said...

Me too. I had to eat what I was given and protests weren't allowed. Mind you, in those days our expectations were a lot lower than today and fish fingers and two veg would have been our idea of culinary excellence.

Rose said...

Haha, I do understand, Liz. Three of the grandchildren are pretty picky eaters, and I always cater to them, too. The youngest was with my daughter (his aunt) one day and they went through a drive-through. She asked him what he wanted on his hamburger, and he said "no pickle and no brown thing." She had no idea what he meant so she ordered his hamburger with no pickle. It turned out the "brown thing" was the hamburger:)

Liz Hinds said...

Sadly, yes, sonata. That would have been my favoured option.

Nick, I still enjoy fish fingers.

Love it, Rose!