Tuesday, July 12, 2016

It's a date!

When people try to guess what's in these flapjacks they usually say orange or apple or any other number of fruits but rarely do they reach the correct answer, which is dates. Admittedly dates simmered in orange juice.

When I offer them to people I don't say what's in them either or I try to evade the question if asked because, like me, a lot of people will hear the word 'dates' and think, 'yuck!'

But these date flapjacks are simply probably the most moreish of any of the cakes I make. 

The recipe is one I was given by a friend, a parent from Hollybrook First School in Southampton, and as you can see it's well used. We've been back in Swansea for about 28 years so it's one that's stood the test of time.

I often make it for Zac's and a few weeks ago one of our young European men went crazy for it, doing the whole continental finger-kissing bit and saying, 'it's divine.' He wanted the recipe and I've finally remembered to write it out for him, hence this post.

The quantities at the bottom make enough for a roasting tin. I sized it up many years ago as a small batch was never enough.

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