Friday, July 15, 2016

In which I break the law ... possibly

There are large sections of Swansea Bay along which dogs are banned. Only in the summer and I understand the logic behind it. I think it's quite right that dogs should be banned from popular beaches where children play. Sadly there are still some irresponsible owners who don't clean up after their dogs.

But Swansea bay isn't one of those beaches that is popular with families. There are stretches of it where people will sit on a sunny day but the tide goes so far out across muddy banks it's not an ideal beach. The only time it's crowded is for the Air Show.

And it definitely isn't crowded on wet school days.
In fact George and I were the only people there. And George is a dog. 

The bit where dogs are allowed runs from the bottom of Sketty Lane (left or possibly east) to 360 cafe. The bit where dogs aren't allowed runs from the bottom of Sketty Lane (right or possibly west) to West Cross - meaning we can't get on the beach where we go all the rest of the year.

So today I might have broken the law. I'm not saying I did (in case there are any council officials reading) I'm just saying I might have been tempted, seeing as how the beach was empty, it was raining and I always clear up after my dog anyway. And - and I think this is the important bit - we were mostly below tide level. 

You see I have this vague recollection - or possibly invention - that the bit of beach between high and low tide levels belongs to the Queen, meaning the council don't have jurisdiction. Unless they are acting for HM but she is a dog-lover and I'm sure would agree that sometimes the law is an ass. Although whether that would stand up in court is doubtful.

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