Sunday, July 31, 2016

In which George does something disgusting

Walked around a part of Singleton Park's ornamental gardens I hadn't walked in before and it was lovely ... 
Exhibiting the Christmas look.

Before the dirty deed.

A fluffy chick I'm guessing.
until George rolled in something long-dead and rotten with a smell that made me retch.

I had to rush all the way home to try and keep ahead and upwind of George or else walk with my hankie over my nose.

I berated him non-stop and bathed him as soon as we got home.
The hang dog look because he's not allowed in the house or in the garden - where he will roll in dirt.


Rose said...

Haha, poor George. I remember the time Sophie got into raccoon scat--I have never smelled anything so foul! I think it took a couple of baths before I'd let her back in the house.

Leslie: said...

OMG! I remember when Tegan found some poo and rolled in it and I had to drive home at full speed (praying I wouldn't get stopped by police)with all windows down and A/C on high! I was retching all the way home and hosed her down as soon as...Next day she got a professional bath! Oh the things our darling dawgs get up to! lol