Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Babies, crickets and chilli

I'm sitting on the floor and GrandSon2 says, 'One, two, three,' then charges at me. 

If I'm prepared I catch him and lift him on my knees as I roll back. If he catches me unawares he flattens me and we wrestle on the floor until Mummy says, 'Let Granny get up now. She has to cook dinner.'

'Do you do this to your other Nanny?' I ask.
'She's obviously got more sense than me.'

GrandDaughter1 meanwhile is fearless when it comes to the cold water of the swimming pool. While Daughter and I stand around for ages plucking up our courage and then  scream when we go under GrandDaughter1 splashes around happily. 
'Aren't you cold?' I ask.
'Yes,' she says.
'Do you want to come out then?'
'No!' She looks at me as if I'm crazy for suggesting such a thing. Much the way I must have looked at my mother many moons ago when she'd suggest it might be time to come out now when I'd stay in the sea until I was blue and shivering. 
'No, it's l-l-l-lovely in h-h-h-here.'

And GrandDaughter2, like all babies, has no sense of fear and attempts to step off the edge of the pool into the water. She is most put out when Daddy stops her.

Sadly summer seems to have gone behind a cloud today. Let's hope it makes a reappearance at the weekend when Elder Son is entering the Chill Festival Cook-out and Barbecue competitions. If you recall last year I had the never-to-be-repeated opportunity to sample crickets.

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