Thursday, June 30, 2016

My week so far

Packed for Uncle's move.
Attended funeral.
Went to circuit training.

At Uncle's apartment to finish packing and then hang around for half a day until the keys were made available.
Waited for the lift at Uncle's apartment block to be fixed so he could leave the building. (It wasn't fixed but had to be manoeuvred manually in the end.)
Spent rest of day in new apartment telling men where to put stuff before we started unpacking.
At 7.00 pm Uncle insisted we stop and took us to the Mermaid next door for dinner. Uncle decided he'd have bolognaise, June wanted burger and I wanted caesar salad. 'Sorry,' the waiter said. 'They're all off tonight.' Inevitable after such a day.

Morning at Uncle's unpacking and looking for things.
Then to Sainsburys for food.
Had children and grandchildren after school for dinner.
Back to Uncle's to check he's okay for the night.

On breakfast shift for Uncle. (The care package is not yet in place so we're having to sort him out for the time being.) Could never be a nurse: had to empty a catheter. Oh yuck. Uncle wanted me to stay as Occupational Therapist was supposed to be coming at 10.00 am. Went to buy him a newspaper but no therapist when I got back. Uncle thought he may have got the time wrong and maybe it's 11.00 am she's coming. I waited and began sorting out files but can't find the one Uncle particularly wanted. 11.40 am still no therapist and he doesn't have her number. 
Went home, grabbed lunch.
Off to shops for twin beds and curtains for Uncle. Bed shop no longer where I thought it was. Went to curtain shop. Very hard - and time-consuming - to choose curtains for someone else. Drove randomly around Swansea looking for bed shops. In first one (dodgy-looking on industrial estate) told assistant I wanted twin beds. He said, 'Twin beds? How do you mean?'
Went to different shop, bought first beds I saw.

Should add that Husband is equally busy with Uncle's move. Doing lots of the what I call 'technical' stuff, like utilities and things, as well as all the rest.

George is beginning to wonder who these strange people are who feed him in the morning and then disappear.


peppylady (Dora) said...

Came in from Cherie place...Your Uncle sound like he bless to have you. I've done in home care and it takes a lot of patient.
If you fine the time stop over at my blog for a cup of coffee.

Katney said...

How old is Uncle now? He is lucky to have you.

Liz Hinds said...

Hi Dora, thanks for dropping in. I did pop over for a flying visit. Will call back again.

Katney, he's 90 and a half. And tonight I worked out how to get the bedroom heating working! Well, Husband began it but I finished it!