Sunday, June 19, 2016

In which George and I have a little falling out

George is lagging behind me as I drag him around for his walk in the rain. 'This is for your benefit you know, not mine,' I remind him.
'I didn't ask to come out.'
'Oh no? You've been looking at me all afternoon.'
'That was before I knew what it was like out here. You had the advantage of knowing in advance.'
'Well, you could have said something along the lines of let's not go out today.'
'What do you think I've been doing for the last ten minutes.'
A moment's silence then George says, 'I won that argument I think.'
'No, you didn't!'
At that point I decide to give up. He can keep that argument going for a whole walk as I know to my cost. (But silently I told myself that I'd won the moral argument.)
'And you haven't won the argument moral or otherwise,' George says.
'Did I say that out loud?'
'No, but I know what you're thinking.'
I bite my lip then I say, 'Let's just agree to stop there before one of us says something we'll  both regret.'

And we finish the walk in silence. Apart from the rain.

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