Friday, June 10, 2016

Husband, an irate Irishman and scaffolding

In the car we passed a block of flats covered in scaffolding and safety netting. I commented that they never used to have safety netting on scaffolding at which point Husband remarked, 'I fell off the 5th floor of some scaffolding once.'
'What?! How did that happen?'
'I was being chased by an irate Irishman and I ran out of scaffolding.'

Apparently, it was a hot summer's day when he was working on a construction site before going to university and he'd thought the Irishman coming up the ladder would appreciate a bucket of cold water thrown over him. Seems he didn't.

Fortunately Husband only fell as far as the fourth floor where he got caught on a piece of sticky-out scaffolding but I do wonder sometimes, when he tells me what he got up as a young lad, how he ever lived to marry me and father our children.

I say as a young lad, of course, he still perches precariously on branches with a chain saw in his hand.


nick said...

I've never been pursued by an irate Irishman (even though I live in Northern Ireland), and I've never worked on scaffolding. But I had a few narrow escapes from death as a kid, so I'm lucky to be alive as well. Nearly drowned at the seaside, nearly crushed by a falling chimney, and a few other things. My guardian angel must have been watching over me.

Liz Hinds said...

You and Husband both, Nick.