Tuesday, May 17, 2016

My little Wheel of Trees and me

Did I mention that last weekend I decided I was going to be better? 

At everything. Tackling one flaw at a time would be too time-consuming - I don't have that many years left on the planet - so I'm planning a general betterment scheme, 

I started today, in Singleton Park, on the path to becoming a tree expert. With my Wheel of Trees I began the learning process. But let me tell you it's not as easy as you might think.

Now I'm okay on oaks and conker trees but is this a Field Maple (sounds unlikely) or a sycamore (not convinced)? Or neither? Its leaves don't exactly match either.

It seems I need at least one or two extra criteria in order to confidently be able to identify my birch from my beech. Like trunk colour and texture for example. You see, I already have the ... technology - no, language - mm, not exactly, dictionary - VOCABULARY! Trunk. That's a good tree expert word.

I probably also need to be able to remember names from one tree to the next before I can rightfully claim expert level. But isn't my little wheel fun?


CherryPie said...

When in doubt, ask a friend ;-)

Anonymous said...

If at first you don't suck seed, tree tree again ;-)

Liz Hinds said...

What if you don't have a friend, Cherrypie!

Ha ha!

Rose said...

What a handy little gadget! I've got an app on my phone called "leafsnap" that's supposed to identify trees from their leaves. But it's yet to give me the right answer:) I know the difference between alternate and opposite leaf pattern, but when they start talking about petioles and such, my eyes glaze over.