Monday, May 02, 2016

George is in the naughty corner

George won't be invited to stay at Daughter's again. Not that he was invited this time: he was only allowed ('He smells and he's naughty!') because we played the 'Look at all the times we have your children/dog' card.

So this time he escaped twice resulting in long searches in pyjamas (I should stress they get bathed and changed very early) and stole Daughter's lunch at least once. There was a message on our phone when we returned from someone who had our dog. Not in a 'give me the money or the dog gets it' kind of way - which is just as well because if Daughter had been in charge she would probably have let the dog get it - but meaning he'd been found and the kind people were looking after him.

But, and this is the interesting bit, it wasn't just George. Holly was with him. So what I want to know is: who took the initiative? Who led the escape committee? Naturally the expectation is that it was George but he's been awfully good recently. Even when the fence blew down and there was a huge gap for several days before Husband got round to replacing it he didn't leave the garden.

So my premise is this: Holly was just waiting for the moment when she'd have her bestie with her to go on a road trip. I'm just saying.


Trubes said...

Bonnie and Clyde perhaps...

Their colours match beautifully.
I reckon Holly initiated the escape and George just went along
for the ride!
How long were they missing for ?

Quite funny really..Di xx

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

He and Holly had hoped to get as far as the Canaries , too . It was just a bit further than they'd thought .

Rose said...

Haha, Holly was just biding her time--she knew she wouldn't get blamed if George was around:)