Sunday, April 10, 2016

That's the Hue it goes

Less impressed with Hue as a place but I did have a wonderful long head and body massage for £10 so mustn't grumble.

We spent the morning at the Citadel in the old Imperial City, taking a bike ride there and once more being unable to lose our very helpful drivers. So helpful they even took our washing to a very reliable washerwoman they knew. I was a little concerned at the ease with which Husband handed over a large bag of our clothes to two relative strangers but, true to their word, they returned with our clean clothes. 

Meanwhile I'd been making the most of the hotel pool (and massage parlour).

In the evening we ate in the French Quarter at Les Jardins de la Carambole - taxi ride a bargain at 75p - where I thoroughly enjoyed my Boeuf Bourgignon. 

The Royal Opera House, performances daily

The next morning it rained! But not until we were the only passengers on a boat ride on what would be the Perfume River at a different time of year.

And proving just how many people use Tripadvisor in the Serene Restaurant we bumped into an Aussie couple we'd spoken to in our hotel in Hoi An.


A little worrying when you notice the driver of your boat is taking a nap.

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