Sunday, April 10, 2016

Oi, Anne! Or should it be Hoi An?

From Ho Chi Minh City we flew to the old town of Hoi An. Or rather to the nearest airport where we were collected in chauffeur-driven car and taken to the Hotel Royal. Via the tailoring shop of the chauffeur's sister (allegedly) where I found myself ordering and being measured for a slim-fitting dress and Husband ordered a short sleeve shirt. (We collected them the next day - perfect fits and excellent quality. When in Hoi An, where every other shop is a tailor's, you have to!)

A Heritage Dinner next to the pool at the hotel that evening. All delicious. Husband particularly enjoyed the five different rice spirits served with each course, his favourite being the plum.

After a morning touring the old town - and may I point out just how flipping hot it was? - we enquired after the bus the hotel laid on to take guests to the beach about 20 minutes away. Apparently we were the only guests requiring the service so they provided us a with a chauffeur-driven car again. Seriously? A chauffeur taking us to the beach? Bottles of cold water and cool wipes provided of course.

In Tan Ky house, one of the most historic in Hoi An. I was melting and not really taking in all the history that was being explained to us.

It may look refreshing but this was the warmest sea water you could imagine: not refreshing at all

Loads of cookery courses were advertised and although Husband wasn't keen at first he agreed to join me for Cooking with Mo the next morning. Early the next morning. Very early the next morning. To visit the market before taking a boat ride out to her island home and cookery school.

The menu went as follows: fresh spring roll (Goi Cuon), pancakes (Banh Xeo), grilled fish and beef noodle soup. With fresh fruit served as a dessert and constantly refilled glasses of cooling passion fruit juice during cooking. If you ever visit Hoi An do take the opportunity to join Mo for a cookery class. It was one of the highlights of the trip even for Husband.
Perhaps not today, thank you.

The women who make the noodles rise at a ridiculously early hour - 1.00 am - to make the noodles, allow them to dry and bring them to market ready for the early start

This old lady is in her 80s and has been a butcher in the market all her life.

On the island heading to the cookery school, laden with our shopping.

We were the only two on the course on that day so we benefited from very personal service - and a fan each.

Husband enjoying his fresh spring roll with peanut dipping sauce made form their own peanuts.

I can't remember what I had to do here, maybe chop veg to pile on the fish - which Husband had the job of preparing.

Sampling the grilled fish.

I realise I don't have any photos of the Pho Bo Hanoi (beef rice noodle soup). It cooked slowly during the morning as we prepared the rest of the dishes - except for the fillet steak that was thinly sliced and cooked very lightly in the broth just before serving - and was probably eaten before we had a chance to photograph it. Suffice to say that it was delicious.

I am starving now!

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The soup sounds heavenly and , compared to the rest of your feast , quite do-able . Hmmm...