Monday, April 11, 2016

Ha Long and thanks for all the fun

After all that city life it was time for a change of pace and a coach ride to Ha Long City to board our junk for two nights of cruising in Ha Long (Dragon Descending) Bay.

Lunch followed by kayaking followed by a massage followed by a spring roll-ing class, followed by a barbecue dinner followed by early bed ready to rise at 6 for tai chi on deck. 

The largest moth I have ever seen joined us on deck for dinner.
A trip to the most amazing caves followed by transfer to our own personal mini junk - just the four of us on board - for a private cruise to a pearl farm, followed by more kayaking, lunch and then to a deserted bay for snorkeling, swimming and sun-bathing. I could enjoy my own yacht. (When I say yacht, of course I mean gin palace with staff to drive, cook and tend to my every need.)

Impossible to capture the grandeur and sheer awesomeness of the caves. I spent the entire time with my mouth open going, 'Wow!'
Implanting what they hope will grow to be a pearl.
The smaller junk was able to take us to less crowded places.
Next day after more tai chi it was 421 steps up a hill to a tea house then swimming in the welcome rain before back to the junk for lunch and a vegetable cutting display.

421 steps and they didn't even serve tea in the Tea House! 
Then it was back to Hanoi for a night before returning to Kuala Lumpur, where it all began.


SmitoniusAndSonata said...

I'm now seriously jealous ... what wonderful memories !
So , do your Five a Day always look like this now ?

Liz Hinds said...

Afraid not. By the time I've finished carving I'm too tired to eat them!