Tuesday, March 22, 2016

So bad I made it twice

Today I made my worst cake ever. And I mean ever.

Since my birthday and the wonderful present Husband gave me of  new food mixer I have been convinced that my sponge cakes aren't as good as they were before. And I am - at least always have been - proud of my sponge cakes. I am complimented regularly on them.

I put it down to paranoia, that feeling that with the demise of my old mixer had gone my skill too. It was never me; it was my food processor that deserved all the praise. I kept telling myself not to be so stupid but the niggling feeling wouldn't go away.

And today, when making a birthday cake for Woody, I have proved that I was right to be paranoid. I made the worst cake ever. It rose - a bit - but on cooling sank. Not just in the middle because it's not quite cooked enough but all over! So that it ended up as a solid flat mass. So bad I had to make another. And this time I dug out my old food processor. (Of course I hadn't thrown it away. What do you think I am?)

The result:

On the left the second cake made with old mixer; on the right - well, you can see what's on the right.

So is it the mixer? Or is it me? Does my lack of confidence in the new machine transfer itself to the mixture that in turn loses its oomph? Or is it possible to over-mix? It takes much longer with the new mixer especially as I leave it on for longer than suggested on the principle that longer must be better.

My unleavened bread turned out quite well though, the oven-cooked variety turning out better-looking than the griddled one.


SmitoniusAndSonata said...

My ability to cook something edible comes and goes . I think everyone's does .
But your generosity and skill in cake decorating certainly never desert you !

Leslie: said...

I think it is possible to over mix. I know if I'm making muffins, I'm very careful to just make sure everything is "just" mixed and not stirred. Try not mixing it as long with the new machine and see if that helps. However, you can always make two layers and decorate it in the style in which you have always been celebrated!

Liz Hinds said...

Thank you, Sonata!

The trouble was, Leslie, not just the height but the heaviness! You could have made a wall out of it. Tastes okay though - which isn't good as we're suppose to be cutting down and I now have a slab of cake to dispose of.

Ole Phat Stu said...

Your version of dwarf bread perhaps? (cf. Terry Pratchett)

Liz Hinds said...

Can't get into Terry Pratchett, Stu.

Apparently you can over-mix - makes it tough.