Wednesday, March 30, 2016

'Eat me'

Probably a little bit connected to the happenings of last night, today has been a fat, old and ugly day. You know the sort of day I mean? Or perhaps you don't. Perhaps you're a well-balanced sane person.

So, anyway, today I started the diet again. No, really, I mean it this time. All my clothes are too tight and uncomfortable and I refuse to go up a size. I was grumbling to Husband and he said, 'There's an easy answer to your clothes being too tight.'
I looked at him suspiciously.
'Don't wear any,' he said.

So, as I said, my diet starts today. Going well so far. If you don't count the little bit of white chocolate left-over from the cakes I made yesterday. It had to be eaten really. It would only have sat in the pantry tempting me with its creamy whiteness. Much better to eat it and be rid of the temptation.


nick said...

I never feel fat, old and ugly, but then I'm a bloke so I'm not expected to look like a skeletal 20 something supermodel. I'd like to think there will come a day when a woman's appearance isn't such a big deal but I'm not holding my breath.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

You could always try the Apres Easter diet ?
When the last chocolate egg is finished , it's been demonstrated that the 'surplus' ounces just disappear .