Sunday, January 03, 2016

Christmas television as seen by me - and the odd book

Doctor Who - take it or leave it.
Stick Man - absolutely brilliant and delightful.
Call the Midwife - that'll do for me, thank you.
Mrs Brown's Boys Christmas Special 1 - standard, nothing hilarious.
Sherlock - disappointing. Too much time leaping, addiction side effects and general hoo-ha.
And Then There Were None - in spite of having seen it before on television and on stage couldn't remember whodunnit. Well produced and atmospheric but not a lot of laughs ...

And I think that was all I watched. Oh, just before Christmas we did watch Michael Mcintyre on Netflix and he was hilarious. not his latest show obviously but well worth watching if you get the chance - and if I could remember the title.

You can see why I don't often do reviews: I am rubbish at them!

Oh yes, I did read The Santa Klaus Murder. It was Featured Book in Waterstone's just before Christmas and with it you got a free mince pie and coffee - or in my case, tea and welshcakes.It's a British Library Crime Classic written by Mavis Doriel Hay and is a proper old-fashioned murder set in a country house during a family Christmas gathering. Recommended 4*.


Leslie: said...

We missed "Call the Midwife" because we were having too much fun. I should have set up the DVR. DRAT!!!!

Liz Hinds said...

Yes, I watched it on i-player the day after I think!

Graham Hunt said...

I loved Sherlock until the first - is this a dream moment - then I couldn't keep up. Shame as I thought it really good up to then and weaving it back to the continuing saga was clever in the end but just a bit too overblown.

Dr Who I thought was the best of the latest series - it suffers from poor writing these days and there isn't the suspense and scary drama in it. To that end I loved ITVs reworking of Jeckyll and Hyde and thought it clever to move it forward in time from the original one with links back. But then started all the "it's too scary for this early in the evening" then that lead to rescheduling - one episode even on a Wed evening after the first watershed. When did we have to protect our children from mild peril in an obviously fictional drama tv show? Real shame it was bashed out like this - I thought it really good. It's replacement - Beowulf - that I'd been looking forward to was a let down frankly as was War and Peace, great locations and setting all let down with an unengaging script and some frankly limp acting.

Stickman was good and the highlight was undoubtedly... Shawn the Sheep and the Farmer's Llamas - just brilliant!

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Dickensian started off well ... but if they keep on changing the time with every episode , I'll miss half of it and lose interest .
And , since I like Stephen whats'isname , War and Peace episode 1 ... but it was a bit feeble .

Liz Hinds said...

I missed Shawn and the llamas, Furtheron. I'll have to check it out!

I didn't try with Dickensian, Sonata. I thought the chance of me keeping up with it remote.