Saturday, November 07, 2015

The day started okay, went to bad, then improved and then ...

Very cross tonight.

We'd gone to Uncle's so I could accompany him in his wheelchair in a taxi to RC church. It would have been his first visit since before he went into hospital at the beginning of July and he was looking forward to it but was also anxious because he was now in a wheelchair.

We've only found one taxi company that has wheelchair-friendly cabs and we've used them a few times in the past. They've not been very punctual but we hoped that ordering the taxi well in advance for 6.05 pm for a short journey - maybe 10 minutes plus the getting in and out bits - would have got us there in time for the 6.30 pm service.

By 6.25 pm they'd not turned up and we gave up. 

Uncle was very disappointed.

So I've fired off an angry email to them and now I'm trying to calm down again. It's extra annoying as I started the day with the return of stressful anxiety, tense stomach and the feeling that I may cry at any moment (which as I don't cry is even more frustrating than if I did) but a brisk stroll, skip, gallop around the cliffs sorted that out. Unfortunately it's a bit dark to try that remedy now ...
Nothing like a few negative ions to refresh your soul.

In other news:
enjoyed fireworks and hot dogs at daughter's tonight albeit briefly, fitting it in before waiting for a stupid taxi that didn't stupid well turn up;
the new disc has arrived - have I mentioned that my main storage disc had died? - and Husband's hoping that it will be the answer to the problem;
my Facebook account was hacked by someone in China.

It amazes me that a hacker can work out my password when I can't even remember it. I obviously need to keep a 15-year-old nerd on hand. 


Leslie: said...

Seems like everything comes to try us all at once. Tomorrow is another day...hope it's better.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Being a carer , even part-time , is incredibly stressful . All sorts of new strategies to work out and , when they don't deliver as you'd hoped , the disappointment of the caree . It's much harder than looking after small children .
Perhaps the priest has some suggestions ?

Liz Hinds said...

Today has been better, thanks, Leslie.

Good idea, Sonata. I'll ask the priest.