Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Monday's post on being clever

My excuse being that I wrote it in my head yesterday but didn't have time to progress it any further.

So, I am of an age that sat the 11+. I passed and went to grammar school thus putting myself in the grouping labelled 'brighter' children. 

In the 'top' class of my year I sat maths and English language O-levels a year early.

After sitting the rest of my O-levels I went on to sixth form, with probably just under half of the year group, the rest leaving to find work.

I think most of those in sixth form went on to university or further education of some sort putting us amongst the select (in those days) few.

I've even got a Master's degree. La crème de la crème as Miss Brodie would say.

So you'd think I'd be clever, right?

Husband insists that I am intelligent but I am a butterfly, getting distracted easily, and that I've never practised or had to be smart. That is, I've never worked in an environment where I've had to apply my intelligence. To use it and find out what I'm capable of.

Personally I think Husband is being generous. I've got by and scraped through all those achievements, although I do know when to use a colon. 

Don't get me wrong; I'm not looking for praise or denial! I know I'm not stupid in spite of what some people think and is evidenced from the way they've treated me. And quite often I play up my foolishness for effect. But I'm just amazed at what I don't know and how I managed to fool so many other people ...


Leslie: said...

I understand that of which you write. (LOL) While teaching in the classroom, I used to be afraid someone would storm in and call me an "IMPOSTER" and that I was no teacher with no right to be there! I mentioned it to someone once, and was told that it's a feeling a lot of women have during their careers. So, no worries! I, too, just keep on goofing along....

Liz Hinds said...

Someone once posted a facebook status which read: my purpose in life is to be a warning to others. Or something like that! A sort of, 'see what she's doing? well, don't do that!'

nick said...

I think the best proof of intelligence is simply that you've got through life successfully, had a good time and not run into any major disasters. A stratospheric IQ is no guarantee you'll be a good parent or a supportive spouse or a happy employee.

Liz Hinds said...

Very true, Nick.