Saturday, November 14, 2015

And this is Friday's post

Loved The Lady in the Van. Rest assured, if you have read Alan Bennett's writings about Miss Shepherd you will not be disappointed: Maggie Smith IS Miss Shepherd.

The small afternoon audience consisted entirely of elderly couples who sat very quietly waiting for the show to begin. I felt positively youthful and had the urge to giggle loudly. I guess that if I were put into a lit room with the other viewers and a young person came in, that yp would fail to see any difference in the ages of those already in the room, tarring them all with the same 'old people' brush, but I don't feel old! 

Anyway after the adverts the rather annoying man who was telling us what to do - switch off phones etc - could hardly contain his excitement: 'Now comes the bit we all love - the trailers. And don't worry, they are all appropriate for this showing.'

So I sat there waiting for a Star Wars clip and what I got was trailers for Carol (about a lesbian love affair) and The Danish Girl (about a transgender pioneer). It was only because it was my birthday treat that Husband agreed to come and see The Lady in the Van; even though he enjoyed it I can't see him rushing back for either of those.

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