Monday, October 26, 2015

Do I really want a sewing box?

Helping Uncle declutter has simply led to me becoming more cluttered. 'Oh that looks useful. And I can't throw that away. And that may come in handy. One day.'

I spotted this pretty box amongst Uncle's things and decided it would make a good sewing box.
It could replace the now-three-legged sewing box my great-aunt made for me, oh, maybe 50 years ago.
But then I thought: realistically how much sewing am I going to do between now and the end of my life?
I came to the conclusion all I really needed - in case of an absolute and dire emergency - was this:
The crinolined lady pin case out of sentiment I'm keeping as, along with the cookery apron, is the only sewing I did in school. Oh and a stuffed felt Bambi, which, sadly, fell apart.


Leslie: said...

My sewing box (also about 100 years old and plastic) is just full of tangled thread and loose pins & needles now. Probably something I should consider giving to the thrift store (after emptying it and keeping a few pins, needles, and untangled thread for - you know - repairing the over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder when it gives out!) LOL

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Yes , unless you plan to throw away anything that loses a button and you never need to take up a hem , it's a good idea to have a bare minimum .
Pound shops have those pretty plaits of threads in different colours ... I'd definitely add one of those to my emergency kit .

Rose said...

I have to do some de-cluttering at my mother's this winter, too, including her sewing room, which is literally packed to the ceiling. I'll probably wind up just cluttering up my own house even more:) But that is such a pretty box--if not a sewing box, I'm sure you can put it to some other use.

Liz Hinds said...

I have several of those emergency sewing kits that some hotels provide, Leslie. i honestly think they would be sufficient for my needs!

Sonata, thos coloured threads are included in my 'hotel' kits so i'm ready for anything!

Rose, I've put the box into the Nuora's bedroom for when they return. I'm sure she will find a good use for it.